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With over 90 years of experience in the Flexographic printing industry, and over 5 years blogging about it, Luminite Product Corporation saw the need for an aggregated resource hub for the Flexo industry. That’s why we’ve created this Flexo 101 Hub. Designed to give the flexographic community an anthology of useful information produced by industry leaders.  

Open to equipment manufacturers, press operators, and more, this hub serves to accumulate design, manufacturing, engineering, and other educational resources on flexo equipment, operations, defects, and procedures. 

Flexographic Printing

General, to industry-specific updates and news. This section is where you will find the most up-to-date blogs discussing the flexo printing industry as a whole, unique cross overs, and more:

Printing Defects and Solutions

Even top-of-the-line flexo operations experience defects with their prints. Any number of variables can cause any number of defects within your printed image. These variables yield uncertain results in some instances, while time-tested experience has proven certain realities to be true in most pressroom situations. These blogs will cover preventing, diagnosing, and fixing any defects that may arise during a run:

Flexo Equipment & Accessories

Flexographic printing presses have a plethora of intricate parts and accessories. From the engraved anilox cylinders and sleeves to the doctor blades or mounting cameras, understanding and recognizing the function of each can be challenging. This section will feature blogs that go into detail on different press mechanics and equipment services: 

Applications of Flexo Printing

Flexo printing has repeatedly been proven to be one of the most sustainable printing methods. With flexo’s ability to easily print on pliable and flexible substrates, a greater variety of sustainable and recyclable substrates are able to (and frequently are) used. This section covers how flexo printing can be (and is) utilized by nearly every industry, for nearly every product:

Sustainable Printing

Flexo has been repeatedly proven to be the most sustainable printing method. Flexo has the ability to easily print on pliable and flexible substrates, allowing the use of more sustainable and recyclable materials. 

About Luminite Products Corporation

With over 90 years of experience in the flexographic industry and over 5 years of experience blogging about it, Luminite Product Corporation is an industry-leading OEM dedicated to providing the highest quality image carriers including direct laser engraved elastomer sleeves, cylinders, and plates.  

Located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Luminite offers the original continuous print solution, with our In-the-round (ITR) technology allowing for a continuous, seamless print. Our elastomer sleeve materials, as opposed to photopolymer sleeves, have greater resilience to combat the rigorous stresses of the printing process.